Tired of WordPress mangling your content? Is the visual editor messing up the code you entered in the HTML view? With this plugin, you can prevent that. Just surround the content you want to protect with [raw]…[/raw] tags and RawHTML Pro will ensure WordPress leaves it alone.

This plugin will also add add a new post editor widget that lets you selectively disable a number of WP content filters on a per-post basis. You can:

  • Disable automatic paragraph creation.
  • Disable “curly quotes”, em dashes and other character conversions.
  • Disable image smilies.
  • Disable the conversion of ampersands to HTML entities and miscellaneous HTML “fixes”.


To prevent a part of your post or page from being formatted by WordPress, switch to the HTML view and surround that content with [raw]…[/raw] tags. Any text, HTML, JS, CSS, XML or other code that you enter between those tags will be preserved exactly.


#example-css {
    /* ... */

Note that any content protected by [raw] tags will no longer be editable in the Visual editor. You’ll need to switch to Text/HTML mode to modify it. Of course, you can still edit the rest of your post in the Visual editor.

Shortcodes will not work inside [raw]…[/raw] tags.


  • Requires WordPress 3.0 or later.
  • Compatible up to WordPress 5.8.x if you’re using the Classic Editor.
  • Doesn’t work with most third-party editors and page builders.
  • Some features will only work if your user role has the unfiltered_html capability. In a normal WordPress install that includes the Editor and Administrator roles. In Multisite only the Super Admin has this capability.